Donald Trump and Other Conservative Nut Jobs

Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Trump supporters, and other conservative nut jobs.  We also listen and comment on the Trump rally song girls–maybe a little too much.  Anyhow, we take aim at the fundamentalist conservatives while consuming alcohol–because it is the only way we can listen to them.  And it’s all in good fun, usually.

Ted Cruz Delivers the Crazy.

This week, the Liquored Up Liberals listen to audio clips of various crazy things Ted Cruz has said, and we also review the latest Ted Truz headlines.  Did we mention that Ted Cruz is creepy?  Well, he is.

Pat Robertson is hilarious! (remastered)

The Liquored Up Liberals listen to clips of Pat Robertson, and then make comments.  By the way, we were drunk when recording because it is the only way we could listen to Pat Robertson without going insane.  This is the same as the first podcast show that was posted, but the sound quality was bad–so we remastered the track and uploaded it again.  We want only the best quality.