What the F*ck is Liquored Up Liberals?

We didn’t use to drink alcohol, but this election cycle has driven us to drink–sometimes heavily.  The Liquored Up Liberals (LUL) Podcast is our attempt at blowing-off steam at the stupid things that conservatives and Republicans have been saying this year.  When this podcast is recorded we are buzzed (or drunk) and we tear into stupidity in all forms.

This isn’t limited to conservatives and Republicans–we also go after religious extremists.  Televangelists get blasted.  People who hate on people get put on blast.  We do talk about popular culture along the way.

This podcast is not a serious political discussion.  We don’t plan to win a Nobel Prize anytime soon.  Republicans, conservatives, and religious figures shouldn’t bother listening–you’ll end up crying.

This podcast is recorded in a studio located in Downtown Flint–Michigan.  By the way, you can go to our YouTube page to see the videos we use in the show.  Go to the ‘Contact Us’ page for the link.

Note: The Liquored Up Liberals sometimes say things too awful for human ears.  Most of this gets edited out, unless the editor guy is drinking while editing–which happens frequently.  Either way, be prepared to hear naughty words–or an occasional bad edit.  Enjoy!