Meet The Liqoured Up Liberals

J.D. Goon  @thejdgoon


J.D. Goon has been elected and appointed to public office several times.  Goon quit politics when his filter broke and he could no longer bite his tongue when people would say or do stupid things. In his free time, J.D. likes photography, shoot at the gun range, and trolling deplorables on Twitter.  You can message him on Twitter: @thejdgoon.

The Nerd  @nerdyPHD


The Nerd is a Ph.D. Candidate at a reputable medical school located in Michigan.  The Nerd was valedictorian of a religious high school–how he knows anything about science is beyond us.  Anyhow, the Nerd is really really smart.  Like an actual genius.  Don’t tell him we said that–his head is big enough.  You can message him on Twitter: @nerdyPHD.

Adam a/k/a Cher  @AdamDoneDidIt


Adam a/k/a Cher works for community health organizations.  He is one of the nicest humans you’ll meet–and he is quick with funny observations.  We can’t list what he does with his free time because he doesn’t have any as he works 7-days a week.  You can message him on Twitter: @AdamDoneDidIt.