LUL EP38: Trump’s first 100 days, Trump supporters are idiots, Alex Jones the actor, and more!

LUL EP38: Trump’s first 100 days: fail; Trump supporters are idiots (obviously); Alex Jones the “actor” who supports hitting China with nuclear weapons. The LUL do their best Alex Jones impersonations–and they’re spot-on.  Stimulate the economy?  Sounds fun!  Michael Flynn: We’re dead.  Sarah Palin and her white-trash friends visit the White House.  Pat Robertson thinks about boys, and we contemplate masturbating while watching the 700 club.  Tucker Carlson is an asshole, and Jim Bakkker wants to kill judges using the “Army of God”.

Note: The Liquored Up Liberals sometimes say things too awful for human ears.  Most of this gets edited out, unless the editor guy is drinking while editing–which happens frequently.  Either way, be prepared to hear naughty words–or an occasional bad edit.  Enjoy! 

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