LUL EP35: Kellyanne CONway is a lying sh*t bag. Bowling Green massacre? And other Republican stupidity.

This week, the Liquored Up Liberals tackle Kellyanne CONway and her most recent stupid statements as she takes her “alternate facts” to a whole new level.  And if her lies aren’t bad enough–her face is just as offensive.  Let’s stop calling it a falsehood and call it a lie!  We play a game of F*uck, Marry, Kill.  Trump’s approval rating is around 43%.  Ha! Ha!  Trump prays on t.v. for ratings for The Apprentice.  Arnold Schwarzenegger puts the Orange Anus in his place.  Jim Bakkker, religious nut job, says terrible things about women.  This angers The Nerd, so he prays to God that The Jim Bakkker crew gets a terrible disease and dies (ease-up, he was drunk).

Note: The Liquored Up Liberals sometimes say things too awful for human ears.  Most of this gets edited out, unless the editor guy is drinking while editing–which happens frequently.  Either way, be prepared to hear naughty words–or an occasional bad edit.  Enjoy! 

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