Nerd Extravaganza: Cancer, Manboob, Marijuana, & North Carolina Can Suck it.

The nerd takes us on a trip through Nerdland.  We talk about cancer, cancer, and more cancer.  We also discuss manboobs, marijuana, and how the folks in North Carolina can suck it.  Castration and neutering and trust us–you shouldn’t knock it before it before you try it!

LUL EP12: Sarah Palin thinks she’s smarter than Bill Nye. Jesus Christ was busy cutting his toenails during the holocaust. Adam a/k/a/ Cher disocvers penis on AOL.

Sarah Palin thinks she’s smarter than Bill Nye. Fuck humans, we feel bad for the animals.  The Liquored Up Liberals reminisce about old technology. Adam a/k/a Cher discovers penis online in the ’90s.  Republicans are douchebags.  Fuck Canadians (even though we still love them).  Gay campgrounds & earthquakes.   Oh, and I am Devine!



LUL EP11: Republicans and conservatives are truly worthless. Donald Trump changes position again and again.

Donald Trump hates abortion, no wait, he likes it–no wait.  Pot smoking liberals shouldn’t go to Canada.  Republicans and conservatives are worthless.  The Nerd and his ball-zapping machine.  Ben Carson says that Trump has major defects–really?  Trump supports are planning riots in Ohio for the convention and Cincinnati prepares by buying riot gear.