Donald Trump, The Gift That Keeps On Giving.

The best debate in the history of debates just happened and Donald Trump lived up to his reputation as a crazy man.  The Liquored Up Liberals drink vodka, wine, beer, and anything else they can get their hands on–and then watch some of the best clips from the debate.  Donald truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

We Play a Game: Who Said It–Hitler or a US Republican? Oh, and Scalia is Dead.

This week, the Liquored Up Liberals discuss the death of “Justice” Scalia.  They also play a game called: Who said it–Hitler or a US Republican?  The boys are given quotes and have to decide whether the quote was from Alolf Hitler, or a US Republican–it’s harder than it sounds.

The foul language in this show is particularly foul.  Not safe for work unless you work at a insane asylum.

Sodomy, Scalia, Christians, Vermon Supreme, & The Rubio-Robot.

The Liquored-Up-Liberals sit down, drink their liquor, and play audio clips from crazy Christians, the Rubio-Robot, and presidential candidate Vermon Supreme.  The LUL crew also discusses the Michigan Sodomy Statute, and other things of intrigue.  So get liquored-up and enjoy!

Donald Trump and Other Conservative Nut Jobs

Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Trump supporters, and other conservative nut jobs.  We also listen and comment on the Trump rally song girls–maybe a little too much.  Anyhow, we take aim at the fundamentalist conservatives while consuming alcohol–because it is the only way we can listen to them.  And it’s all in good fun, usually.

Ted Cruz Delivers the Crazy.

This week, the Liquored Up Liberals listen to audio clips of various crazy things Ted Cruz has said, and we also review the latest Ted Truz headlines.  Did we mention that Ted Cruz is creepy?  Well, he is.